The m² Gallery is run by a non-profit organisation made up of supporters. It is administered and curated by a gallery committee. As a general policy, the organisation prefers to exhibit work made specifically for this unique space. If you are interested in becoming a m² Gallery supporter, or would like to make an exhibition proposal, email:

The m² gallery is part of Quay house, home of Quay 2c Architects. Quay 2c are the designers of the 4 x m² Gallery pavilion that will be on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art and Design in the summer of 2011. To find out more about Quay2c click here

About the Gallery

Built as part of the re-development of an old milk depot at 2c Kings Grove, Peckham, London SE15, the m² Gallery was started in 2003 as a window gallery measuring one metre square by half a metre deep. Facing onto the street, it can be viewed 24 hours a day by anyone who wants to have a look.

In 2011 the m² gallery concept was quadrupled and the 4 x m² Gallery Pavilion was born. Built of recycled materials, it sat on the parade ground at Chelsea College of Art, next to Tate Britain, for the duration of the summer.

In 2018 a new Mk II prefabricated version of the gallery has been developed, this second iteration of the project is designed to be easily reproduced, with a view to having them installed in multiple locations. The concept is that each pavilion will be made off-site, transported by van and erected in a day, from standardised workshop produced components. Once the pavilion is on site, as part of its commissioning, an artist will be asked to respond to its locale, and make a unique cladding/artwork in response. Once there the pavilion would play host to an ongoing series of exhibitions curated by the hosting gallery/organization, with guidance from the m² Gallery.

Street view

M² Gallery

4 x M² Gallery