4 x m2 Gallery


20 July - 18 September 2011


The m² gallery is a 24 hour window gallery at the front of Quay 2c Architects’ studio in Peckham which has been running since 2003. Quay2c has had a long-standing idea to extend the scope of the m² gallery by quadrupling it to build a 4 x m² gallery. This takes the form of a pavilion and features one m² window exhibition space on each of its four sides.

Championed by Chelsea College of Art & Design (CCAD) and London Open House, the dream is about to become a reality. Quay2c is delighted to be collaborating with Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Graduate School this summer to build a temporary 4 x m² gallery pavilion on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, the grand forecourt to Chelsea College of Art and Design, situated opposite the new entrance to Tate Britain.

The pavilion, designed by Quay2c Architects, is to be made of as much recycled material as possible and will be constructed on site in conjunction with MA Interior & Spatial Design students at CCAD. The structure is accessible for viewing at any time, although exhibitions are best viewed during daylight hours.

Wednesday 20 July - The 4 x m² gallery opens with Double Negative an installation by artist Ken Wilder; connecting all four windows, he utilises the unique architecture of the pavilion to create a complex structure with glimpses into the pavilion interior.

Grand Opening: Wednesday 20 July, 6-8 pm on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground.

Friday 5 August - The second exhibition Quadruple Energy opens to coincide with Tate Britain’s First Friday late night opening, showing the work of four artists; Stuart Mayes, Carol Mancke, Peter Abrahams and Donald Urquhart, each with their own take on energy and green issues. Curated by Julia Manheim of m² gallery and author of the book Sustainable Jewellery, the exhibition continues until 29 August.

Friday 2 September - Four Post Graduate students from Chelsea College of Art and Design will be showcasing their work in the 4 x m² pavilion to coincide with the opening of the MA shows. The 2nd September opening also coincides with Tate Britain’s First Friday late night opening.

17 and 18 September - The 4 x m² pavilion participates in London Open House Architecture weekend.

19 September - The show finishes and the 4 x m² gallery is dismantled and moved to a new location yet to be decided.

4 x m² gallery pavilion facts:

Gallery; m² Gallery, Peckham; www.m2gallery.com

Design: Quay2c Architects; www.quay2c.com

Website: Edd Cox; www.cherrymark.com

Structural Engineer: Cooper Associates; www.engcooper.com

Construction: Quay2c with MA Interior & Spatial Design students at CCAD under the direction of Course Director Ken Wilder.

Photography: Anthony Coleman; www.anthonycoleman.com

Supporters Ecosheet recycled plastic; www.ecosheet.com.

TBA Contractors; www.tbacontractors.com

Location: Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Atterbury Street, (Opposite the Entry to Tate Britain) London SW1P 4JU; www.chelsea.arts.ac.uk