22.09.18 /

Open House London 2018

Quay House will be participating in the 2018 Open House London.  The building, including ‘Top Floor Flat’ will be open Saturday 22nd September, 12noon through to 5pm.

The new 4 x m2 Gallery pavilion will also be onsite, showing work by Neville Gabie, which based on an earlier performance at Quay House, on 16th September.  Neville will also be showing work in the m2 Gallery.

18.08.17 /

Open House London 2017

Quay House will be participating in the 25th anniversary Open House London.  The building - including for the first time, in its completed state, the ‘Top Floor Flat’ - will be open Saturday 16th September, 12noon through to 5pm.

This coincides with the opening of the latest exhibition at the m2 Gallery: as well as showing work in the gallery space (to the front of Quay House), Anna Heinrich & Leon Palmer will show work in the main body of the building.

The Heinrich & Palmer, as well as Ken, Julia and others, will be on site to answer any questions.

09.05.17 /

Helen Yardley Rugs Photographed in Top Flat Quay House.

Photographer Anthony Coleman has taken some lovely photos of Helen Yardley’s new series of rugs, Zip, in our newly refurbished Top Flat, in Quay House. They are being shown during Clerkenwell Design Week, 23rd - 25th May, at the Craft Central Gallery, 33-35 St John’s Square, EC1M 4DS.

21.04.17 /

Shipman Road/Berwick Road

The 34 flats behind the Excel Centre in Docklands designed by Quay 2c to planning stage, are nearing completion and being occupied. While some details have been changed such as the brick specification and replacement of standing seam gold metal with flatter panels thro the Design and Build process that we were not involved in, the general scale, proportion and layout have been retained to our original design. 

23.02.17 /

Exhibition in Enköping

Quay 2c directors Ken Taylor and Julia Manheim have an exhibition in Enköping, Sweden.  The exhibition, titled Everyday Fragments, brings together Seeming and other films by Julia Manheim, and Ken Taylor’s Twin Trilogy photographic series.  The exhibition runs from 23rd February - 7th May 2017.

14.10.16 /

Quay 2c, working with Emrys Architects, secure planning for new-build social housing and offices.

We look forward to working with our end user clients to build their new offices and 3 no 2 bedroomed flats for social rent in Peckham.

Typical Flat plan.

Street elevation.

07.10.16 /

Quay 2c Visit Stockholm Open House.

Quay 2c visit the inaugural Stockholm Open House.

New Architecture School.

Luma Factory now occupied by Link Architects.

Hammarby district globally known urban planning from 1990’s.

Woodlands Cemetery by Architect Gunner Asplund now a World Heritage site.

17.09.16 /

Quay House in Open House

Over 200 people came through the building in the five hours we were open, checking out our western red cedar clad beach huts.

24.06.16 /

Quay2c visit Artist Christo’s Floating Piers

Quay2c visited Lake Iseo in Northern Italy to walk on Christo’s stupendous temporary walkways wrapped in saffron coloured material. A true walking on water experience between islands with no vehicles.

02.06.16 /

New scheme in Planning Process

Quay 2c are in the planning process for a new build project for 3 flats and an office for a local social housing charity in Peckham. As the clients occupy their site with some temporary buildings at the moment the project is due to go on site and be built in 2017.

03.05.16 /

Queens Rd Peckham Garden Pavilion practically completes

Click here for further information.

28.04.16 /

Quay 2c visit March Studio in LA

Quay 2c gave a short presentation on Quay 2c’s recent projects to good friends March Studio in their funky office on Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles

05.02.16 /

Queens Road Peckham

Our project to the side of Dr Harold Moody House, Queens Road Peckham, is completing this month.

The pavilion to the garden is currently being clad in sweet chestnut “cleavor cut timber shingles” by contractor TBA.

06.11.15 /

Garden Pavilion progressing well.

The Garden Pavilion is progressing well on site at Queens Road Peckham.

07.08.15 /

Table and suite of lights designed by Quay 2c

Quay 2c has had prototypes made of table and suite of lights conceived earlier in the year.  Here’s a few shots of them in action!

07.08.15 /

Garden pavilion to begin on site in September

Work is to begin in September on the garden pavilion extension and additional first floor that Quay 2c designed for a flat on Queens Road, Peckham.

17.05.15 /

Wrap Duets, Ken Taylor at m2 Gallery

Ken Taylor presents a new series of “constructed” photographs in the gallery on the theme of “Wraps”. These look at the place of containment in the urban environment of the everyday and are composed to find other “as found” phenomena. Do come to the opening to see a suite of prints of all 13 works, along with a new booklet of postcards.

Additionally there will be a premier showing of a new table design by Quay 2c Architects along with a series of prototype light fittings we have been working on. There will also be some photographs by Anthony Coleman of our completed Laundry Houses project for two new houses in Peckham.

Ken Taylor is an Architect who takes a lot of photographs. He is a Director of Quay 2c Architects and runs the m2 Gallery with Artist Julia Manheim.

13.02.15 /

Quay 2c appointed by local housing trust.

Quay2c have been appointed by a local housing trust to design a new office for themselves with 4-5 flats above in Southwark. We are also working with them and other partners, including London Borough councils, on a number of specialist housing projects. Images to follow as planning applications are made.

Quay 2c are also designing a suite of light fittings and a table for launching in May… watch this space!

16.11.14 /

A Quay 2c trip to Paris!

Quay2c visited Paris to have a look at the new Frank Gehry designed Louis Vuitton art gallery and Paris Photo in the wonderful Grand Palais.

29.08.14 /

Open House London, 20th – 21st September 2014

Quay House and one of our new Laundry Houses will be open from 12-5pm on the Saturday.
Julia Manheim will be showing films at the Laundry Houses while Nic Sandiland will be showing ‘Trip Hazard’ in the m2 gallery. Do come and visit us !

29.08.14 /

New Projects

Quay 2c are working on a couple of exciting projects for new clients in london. One is for 9 new flats for a housing association, while the other is looking to substantially remodel and extend a homeless hostel.

02.05.14 /

Building works start on site

Measuring up to start building works at 164A Queens Rd that now has Planning Permission.

31.01.14 /

Garden pavilion is in for planning

Quay 2c have put in a planning application to add a garden pavilion and first floor to a flat in Queens Rd Peckham.

Interestingly, the flat was previously the surgery of Dr Harold Moody.

24.01.14 /

Essay written by Quay 2c director included in Eurban’s new book.

Quay 2c director, Ken Taylor, has his essay, “Growing Into Solid Timber”, included in Eurban’s (the cross-laminated timber expert) new book, Built 1:1: Eurban Works 2003 - 2013.

Download the essay here

06.09.13 /

Quay 2c project featured in Eurban exhibition

EURBAN, who introduced cross-laminated timber construction to the UK 10 years ago, will be celebrating a decade of more than 100 built works within the UK with an exhibition and series of events at The Building Centre throughout September.

BUILT 1:1, which runs from 6 - 27 September 2013, features a model of Quay 2c project Fairmule House.  Completed in 2006, this project won London District Surveyors Association (LDSA) Sustainable Building of the Year 2007.

23.08.13 /

Open House London 2013

Quay House will be participating in this years Open House London.  The building will be open Saturday 21st September, 12noon through to 5pm.

This coincides with the opening of the latest exhibition at the m2 Gallery: as well as showing work in the gallery space (to the front of Quay House) Iain Hales, will show a larger sculptural work in the main atrium space of the building and a number of large scale drawings.

The artist, as well as Ken and Julia, will be on site to answer any questions.

12.07.13 /

Quay2c visit Switzerland

Quay2c visitied the Basel Art Fair, housed in the new building by Herzog & De Meuron. We also visited the Schaulager building, also by H & deM, with a special restrospective show of Steve MacQueens films. Other mpressive buildings visited were Burkhalter & Sumis Zurichberg hotel with its fantastic ramp and the chapel by Peter Zumthor. We also visited the final diploma year show at Mendrisio School of Architecture.

21.04.12 /

m2 Gallery celebrates 10 years

On Sunday 21st April the m2 gallery opened its latest show, by artist and architect Will Lee with a celebration marking its 10th anniversary. Huge thanks from Julia and Ken to all the artists and supporters who have been a part of an amazing decade. Here’s to the next 10!
Will Lee opening party

Happy 10th Birthday m2!

19.04.13 /

Quay2c website updated!

We have completed a comprehensive review of our website and, with the help of our original designer Edd at Cherrymark the site has been overhauled and made more intuitive and navigable. Projects have now been broken down by sector, and we have added a new area for ‘connections’ where we will be posting entries about people, companies and products we have spotted or been working with. Have a browse around and see if you can spot the changes!

Updated website

02.04.13 /

Laundry Houses start on site

Work has begun on clearing and setting up our site to the rear of 16 Asylum Road, where we are building two new houses we are calling the ‘Laundry Houses’. We will be posting regular images of progress on our new blog and you can view the project page here.

Site hoarding

02.03.13 /

Quay2c visit Margate

Quay2c took a day trip to Margate to see Siobhan Davies Dance and dance artist Matthias Sperling present To hand in the newish Turner contemporary Gallery designed by David Chipperfield. On the way we visited Thanet Earth, 0.89km2 of salad producing greenhouse.



14.01.13 /

New Willow House scheme receives Planning Permission

We are pleased to announce that our proposal for the development of 33 flats and 18 artists studios, New Willow House at 210 Plaistow Road, went to committee late in December and was recommended for approval. The scheme, which includes elements designed with artist Caroline Broadhead, can be viewed in more detail here.


23.11.12 /

Berwick Road / Shipman Road scheme granted Planning Permission

Newham Council has granted Planning Permission for our proposed development of 32 flats and a social club on the site between Berwick Rd and Shipman Rd. Read more about the project.

The scheme went to the local Committee last Monday 19th November with a recommendation for approval from Planning Officers, and was well received. The decision came a full three weeks before the statutory decision date of 11th December thanks in part to the collaborative approach we took with Newham Planners and to our clients, who agreed the Section 106 heads of terms in good time.


20.11.12 /

Green Burial Site Competition

Quay2c has submitted an entry for the RIBA Green Burial Site competition. More info (external link).

The competition called for proposals for a non-denominational gathering space on the site of an existing agricultural building in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside. Unlike many other competitions where hundreds of hours of work are required for the initial entry, this competition involved a 10 page Expression of Interest document and a single A3 sheet describing the design approach we might take. We felt this was a great way to run a competition and encourage more competitions in this format. The initial shortlist is due in mid-December, whereafter we will add our entry to the site and let you know how we got on.


09.11.12 /

Start on site date set for houses at 16 Asylum Road

Funding has been secured and we are on the verge of appointing a contractor to begin work on site for our 2 new houses at the rear of 16 Asylum Road. The start on site date has been set for 7th January 2013. We’ll be updating the site with progress photos soon. In the meantime check out our project page to view floorplans and drawings.

Click for more about the project.


08.11.12 /

Berwick Road gets Committee date

The proposal for 32 flats and a social club at the site between Berwick Road and Shipman Road in Newham,submitted for Planning in August, is due to go before the Committee on the 19th November.

Click for more about the project


26.09.12 /

New Willow House submitted for Planning

The proposal for the mixed use development at 210 Plaistow Road has been submitted to LB Newham for Planning Approval. The scheme, comprising 33 flats and 18 artists studios, is due for a decision before the new year. Feedback so far has been positive.

Click for more about the project.


22.09.12 /

London Open House 2012

Quay House will be participating in this years Open House London.  The building will be open 12noon through to 5pm. 

This coincides with the opening of the latest exhibition at the m2 Gallery: as well as showing work in the gallery space (to the front of Quay House) the artist, Harriet Hill, will show a site responsive “spatial drawing” that will manifest throughout the building.  The artist, as well as Ken and Julia, will be on site to answer any questions.


01.08.12 /

The George, Hackney

After gaining Planning permission last year to convert this derelict old pub into flats the building work has been completed. Unfortunately Quay 2c were not involved in the build out. However the broad brush moves of retaining the features of the pub and its outbuildings with new walls and mansard roof in weathered zinc standing seam have been carried through.


Click here for information on the project.





20.07.12 /

Bold Tendencies

Managing to beat the showers, Quay 2c made a visit to a disused multi-storey car park in Peckham, the site of Bold Tendencies, a non profit summertime sculpture project dedicated to showcasing new art by international artists - a good reason to come to Peckham!  We checked out the art and enjoyed Campari based drinks at Frank’s Campari Bar on the top floor.


09.03.12 /

Quay 2c appointed at Plaistow Road

Quay2c have been appointed by New York developments to make a planning application for this prominent site in Plaistow. A brief for 41 flats, artist studios to the ground floor with associated parking and servicing is being developed with Newham Planning Dept.


24.02.12 /

Iain Hales at COLE

Quay 2c’s part time office manager, Iain Hales, currently has a solo show open at COLE.  This is Iain’s first solo presentation since graduating from his masters at the Slade School of Fine Art in summer 2009 and shows work made in late 2011 and early 2012.

The show runs though until Saturday 24th March.  For further information please click here

02.03.12 /

Scrambled Egg City

Quay 2’s very own Catrina Stewart is one of the 200 leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers invited to create one of the 200 very special eggs hidden across the capital for London’s The Big Egg Hunt.

Catrina’s design - Scrambled Egg City - draws inspiration from Reyner Banham’s description of the postmodern city as being like a “scrambled egg”. In this design the top of the hard shell is dissolved to reveal an imaginary city inside, where the core will be negotiated by the pedestrian in ways that defy the logic of rationalist planning.

For further information on The Big Egg Hunt click here

For further information on Catrina’s design click on her blog catrinastewart.tumblr


03.02.12 /

Preparatory works at Albert Way

Investigatory works have been going on down at the Albert Way site, to the rear of the 16 Asylum Road property.  Bore holes have been made and earth samples taken, moving project forward.

Click here for more information


11.12.11 /

The First Flush Party at Asylum House

To celebrate the completion of the bathroom extensions at Asylum House our client hosted a “First Flush Party”, with “The Plughole Quartet”, accompanied by a flautist, playing a specially composed piece for the grand opening.

Prizes were awarded to those who contributed to the project, with our own Ken Taylor being given The Most Noble Award of the Bathroom Duck, in recognition of services to the Asylum Bathroom Project, beyond the call of duty.

Photographs of the project to follow.









29.11.11 /

Ken Taylor Talk: The Spiritual in Architecture

Ken Taylor will be one of five guest speakers to give a talk on the subject, The Spiritual in Architecture, this will be followed by a chaired discussion and reception.
This free symposium forms part of the programme of events for Edinburgh’s Inter-Faith Week and will take place at The Baha’i Centre, 44 Albany Street, Edinburgh on Tuesday 29th November 2011, between 5pm -7pm.

If you are interested in attending please contact by email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

InterFaith Symposium (pdf)


14.10.11 /

AJ Building Library

Quay 2c’s collaboration with m2 Gallery this summer, the 4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion, has been included in the Architects’ Journal Building Library.  The pavilion was up on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground at Chelsea College of Art & Design, for the duration of the summer with a number of rolling exhibitions taking place in its galleries.


17.09.11 /

London Open House

Quay 2c Architects participated in this year’s London Open House.  Our project Quay House was open on Saturday, for what was a very busy day!  Additionally, Rod Bugg - the artist showing in the m2 Gallery in the front of the Quay House - had works on display throughout the building.  (Rod is in the yellow t-shirt).



29.07.11 /

4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion is OPEN

After 2 weeks hard work on site, the 4 x m2 Gallery opened successfully, on the 20th July, with the first of it’s summer season of exhibitions - Double Negative by Ken Wilder.

There are below a selection of images of the completed structure and of Ken’s work, which actively engages with and reveals the architecture of the pavilion.

Ken Wilder’s show runs until the 31st July, with the new exhibition - Quadruple Energy - opening on Friday 5th August, coinciding with Tate Britain’s Late at Tate event.














4 x m2 Gallery Press Release (pdf)


01.07.11 /

4 x m2 Gallery Pavilion opens 20th July


For further information, please click here

4 x m2 Gallery Press Release (pdf)

03.06.11 /

4 x 1m2 Gallery gets the go ahead at CCAD

Quay2c get the go ahead for a temporary exhibition pavilion; the 4 x 1m2 Gallery

The pavilion will operate as an extension of the already successful m2 Gallery exhibition programme, and will be sited on the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground at Chelsea College of Art and Design (opposite Tate Britain, Millbank). A programme of exhibitions will run at the pavilion throughout the summer, from mid-July through to September.

The 4 x 1m2 Gallery will also feature in this year’s Open House, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September.


27.05.11 /

Quay2c designing a 33 apartment scheme in Custom House, Newham

Quay2c have been appointed by Parabar Muir developers to design a 33 unit residential scheme and social club on the site of two derelict buildings in Custom House, Newham.




31.03.11 /

Practice research trip to Lille

Quay2c made a practice research trip to Lille.  While there, we saw the new extension to LAM designed by Manuelle Gautrand - which houses their collection of Art Brut work bequest by L’Aracine; an interesting example of Art Nouveau architecture; and Rem Koolhaas’ Lille Grand Palais amongst other things.





17.02.11 /

Ken Taylor Lecture: London South Bank University

At 7.00pm on Thursday 17th February, Ken will deliver a lecture, for the School of Architecture, as part of LSBU’s 2011 Open Lecture Series sponsored by Ibstock Brick Association.

For more information on the lecture series download here (pdf)


08.12.10 /

Work Begins at Plaistow

Work has begun clearing the site and laying the foundations for the 10 flats at the London Road/Stock Street site in Plaistow.


07.09.10 /

Quay2c visit Berlin

Quay2c made a recent research trip to Berlin; here is selection of photographs taken while there.










02.09.10 /

Quay 2c gets planning for two houses on Asylum Road, Peckham

16 Asylum Road is awarded planning by Southwark Council for two new houses.


Click here for more information


27.08.10 /

Quay House Showcased in Open House 2010

Quay House we will be opening its doors to the public on Sunday 19th September from 12-5pm.


Please click here for the Open House website 

Open House weekend runs every year and is the Capital’s greatest architectural showcase. Quay House has been taking part in Open House weekend since 2000. Open House 2010 will offer access to the live/workspace of the architect Ken Taylor and artist Julia Manheim the Artist will be on site to discuss the building they designed and built. In addition the M2 Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of artwork by Flora Parrott. Tea and Cakes will be available all day!


01.05.10 /

London Road, Plaistow

Quay 2c have been commissioned by Breyer Contractors to build 10 flats for the Guinness Trust.


01.04.10 /

Quay2c visit Belgium

A selection of photos taken on a research trip to Belgium.





01.12.09 /

Croydon has planning

Quay2c’s design for 22 flats at Handcroft Road in Croydon for Kitewood Ltd, has been granted planning permission.


24.10.09 /

The Peckham Experiment Symposium

Saturday 24th October 2009, Ken Taylor was one the speakers at the Symposium at Camberwell College of Arts. Exploring some of the themes of The Peckham Experiment exhibitions and projects, curated by Rachael House and Jo David, the symposium will become part of The Peckham Experiment publication, to be launched after the exhibition.


05.10.09 /


Julia Manheim’s new book ‘Sustainable Jewellery’ debuted in The Netherlands at Sieraad, International Jewellery Art Fair.  The fair was held in a spectacular gas holder on the site of the WesterGasfabriek in Amsterdam.

Click here to see more of the fair


05.10.09 /

Woolwich Polytechnic School have an educational visit

As part of the Junior Open House programme fifteen year 10 students visited Quay House.  The students engaged with building materials and techniques for an afternoon.





20.09.09 /

Open House 2009

Quay 2c opened its doors to the public on the 19th and 20th September.

200 people attended Fairmule House on the 19th September and 300 crowded in to explore Quay House and build on their experience of contemporary architecture.

Also engaging the visitors was artist Stuart Mayes who presented ‘Go-Go’, a new work created especially for the M2 Gallery. On the Sunday of Open House Stuart had installed an additional five pieces throughout the house and garden.


Click here for information on Stuart Mayes


20.09.09 /

London’s biggest ever cycling day visits Quay2c!

The event, on 20 September, saw thousands of cyclists able to enjoy a car-free day of cycling in the centre of London.  Coinciding with Open House, this group of cyclists choose to visit Quay House.


01.07.09 /

Quay 2c will be participating in Open House 2009

Fairmule House, 23-35 Waterson Street, E2 8HE
Sat 12 noon - 5pm

Quay House, 2c Kings Grove, SE15 2NB
Sun 12 noon - 5pm

02.07.09 /

Julia Manheim Book Launch

‘Sustainable Jewellery’ by Julia Manheim is now out and in the bookshops!
The books launch will take place on 2nd July, 6-9pm, at the V&A Museum of Childhood.


07.05.09 /

Quay House / m2 gallery will be on TV on Channel 5’s I Own Britain’s Best Home

‘This nine-part series sees the owners of some of the most beautiful properties in the country competing for the right to say they own Britain’s Best Home. The series focuses on individuals who are passionate about their own homes: ordinary and extraordinary people who have toiled over build, design and decor to leave a personal stamp on their properties.’

Watch now on the following link!


/ 2c Kings Grove, Peckham, London SE 15 2NB / T 0207 771 1600 / E studio@quay2c.com