Art Fund Pavilion

Background and Brief

Quay 2c entered the Art Fund pavilion architecture competition in 2009. The competition was launched by Tent London and The Lightbox, the breif was to provide the Lightbox with a semi-permanent summer pavilion which will sit alongside their RIBA award-winning building by Marks Barfield Architects.


The proposal was a ‘Light’house’ for the Lightbox’.

The entry was a response to our reading of the landscape of the site. The views up and down the canal from the Lightbox are particularly alluring. The sunny outdoor café space takes advantage of this, particularly in the summer, so our proposal retained this quality.

The scheme proposed a permanent Light ‘house’  for the Lightbox. This acts as a beacon for ‘viewing’, both from the gallery and its surrounds. Equally it calibrates the entry of light and views into it through a series of lenses, m2 windows that double as vitrines for artworks (see concept and a camera obscura.The Light’house’ hovers over the canal giving more outdoor space and ‘views’ the canal.

This is supported by a permanent new bridge making a main line connection between the car park and the gallery. Being made of structural softwood and in easily constructed pieces we propose that its building would be a one off performance /education event to herald the advent of the pavilion.

The pavilion made of etched mirrored panels appears every summer in another “performance”. In winter it is hung or hinged onto the bridge where it views and reflects its surroundings in a stroboscopic artwork for those passing across it.





Art Fund Pavilion

Client /

The Art Fund

Project /

Architecture Competition

Date /


Budget /

£45,000 (projection)

Further Info /

Art Fund Pavilion (pdf)

/ 2c Kings Grove, Peckham, London SE 15 2NB / T 0207 771 1600 / E