Berwick Road / Shipman Road

Background and Brief

Our clients, Parabar Muir Ltd, own this disused site near the Excel centre in Custom House. It has a large Working Mans club on it along with a disused church hall. Previous Architects had been employed but were failing to win Planning Officer approval for a scheme that presented a block to Berwick Rd to the South and another to Shipman Rd to the North. This was creating overlooking problems between the blocks, rather unsightly gable ends to the east and west and dwarfing the two storey houses opposite in Berwick Rd. The brief was for a privately led residential development while integrating a smaller viable social club facility. Our proposals for the site were approved at Committee level on 19th November.


Site as existing


Quay 2c have prepared a scheme that was approved at Planning Committe on the 19th November 2012. It overcomes the problems of the previous scheme by continuing with 24 car parking spaces to the ground floor entered from the northerly Shipman Rd. A smaller replacement social club animates the ground floor to the Berwick Rd creating an active street front, another key planners request. This is endorsed by creating 4 larger maisonettes to each of the corners of the site with bedrooms above the flood risk zone.


Perspective sketch

The key move and founding idea in the scheme is to open up a first floor garden shared by all the residents. This is framed by creating a three storey “U” shaped building above housing 32 flats whose living spaces generally open up to the sun and the garden while protecting amenity to the two storey terrace on the opposite side of the street. This organization allows bedrooms to animate the west and east gables. These four storey walls are set back from the boundary allowing a repeating triangular window to create an “elevation” to each of these crucial sides to the building. This is serviced by 3 staircase cores entered from Shipman Rd all of which have natural day lighting.


Typical floorplan

A light brick is proposed to the outer skin of the building, giving a solid protective presence with regular french window scaled openings in it. The inner garden facade is softer with a stained vertical timber boarding cladding. Sliding doors and balconies give a strong interaction with the garden.


Materials palette


Front elevation


Side elevation

Berwick Road / Shipman Road

Client /

Private Developer

Project /

Newham, London E16
Mixed use scheme of 32 flats and 175sqm social club

Date /

Spring 2011 - present

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/ 2c Kings Grove, Peckham, London SE 15 2NB / T 0207 771 1600 / E