Background and Brief

Quay 2c were appointed to undertake an evaluation of the potential of The George by our clients Aeon Property. We concluded that the previous use as a Public House had run its course, the building being in a pretty poor condition. However the inbuilt quality was clearly worth keeping for conversion into some unique flats.


The intention of the client and ourselves was to keep as much of the building as possible, retaining and enhancing the existing form, details and materials. This included retaining the facade of the existing outbuildings to Glenarm Road and placing a new building behind it, containing three flats that continue the scale of the adjoining terrace. With a new floor and dormer roof to the existing pub, this would provide well appointed, high quality and unique dwellings with a good mix of one bed flats and two bed maisonettes, making 9 flats in total.

The scheme offers a coherent and sustainable reuse of the pub building, bringing high quality residences to the area. These will offer good modern space standards and facilities, while retaining the quality of the existing building and its place within the townscape and community. The scheme gained planning approval in 2009 and updated in 2011. The scheme was then sold on and built out without Quay 2c being involved. The photos show this constructed scheme.


North elevation




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Aeon Property

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Hackney Pub

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