Quay2c Practice Statement

Quay 2c is a Multi-disciplinary design practice of Architects, Designers and Artists set up in January 2000 to celebrate the 21st century. It specialises in considering design in the environment from infrastructural issues down to the finest detail. Quay 2c has been born out of the broad range of experience that the “Quay” workers bring to the practice and their mutual recognition that in an increasingly digital world, flexibility of response to shifting contexts is a key ingredient for designers attempting to fulfill client expectations of creativity, deadlines and budgets. In this sense, Quay 2c is particularly interested in blurring the edges between the old professional boundaries, both as a creative questioning within the practice and as a tool towards an integrated and holistic service.

“Between” places are therefore important to Quay 2c where people, ideas and things meet; hence our name, a construction between land and sea, between the conscious and the unconscious. The “port” facilities offered by the practice’s studio premises in Peckham provide another important catalyst to its formulation, being at the heart of the rapidly developing Southwark Regeneration area, within easy reach of Central London.

As a practice, Quay 2c respects the integrity of materials, site and use as a solid basis for a quality product, much in the same way that these issues would need consideration when building near the coastline. On the other hand, Quay 2c concerns itself with the process of design, its inclusivity and potential for improvisation and invention. Journeys can be embarked upon with a destination in mind, but detours or misinterpretations can often lead to more interesting places. Quay 2c likes using maps, streets, the super highway and country paths with equal relish.

/ 2c Kings Grove, Peckham, London SE 15 2NB / T 0207 771 1600 / E studio@quay2c.com