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Gen Doy

The Milk of Human Kindness

15th November 2015 - 9th January 2015

Gen Doy works with still and moving image, written and spoken texts, and sound, to construct non-linear narratives that are suggestive and open to creative interpretation by the viewer/listener. The voice has become central to her work; she exploits its sensual and seductive potential, evoking people, events, and meanings - hidden or forgotten.

Enjoying working in places of cultural and historical significance, Doy attempts to bring out the “voice” or “voices” present in those sites.  Through sensual and emotional engagement, she would like viewers and listeners to consider the wider social, cultural and political contexts in which her work is made, and in which they and their experience of her work exists.

The Milk of Human Kindness – a phrase lifted from Shakespeare’s Macbeth – responds to the m2 Gallery site as a former dairy.  Over the course of the exhibition, milk bottles will be added to the installation, together with texts testifying to acts of kindness, gleaned from a variety of sources.