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Irene Perez Hernandez

Sculptural Arrangement series: Quay House

22nd January - 28th February 2011


Sculptural arrangement; Quay House is a video piece made specifically for M2 gallery. The video contains images of interventions inside the building - Quay House.


The video is projected in a second floor window, on Queen’s Road side of the building, and there are sculptures in the M2 gallery window, on the ground floor, on the King’s Road side. Hernandez uses the windows as a dissolved boundary between inside and outside, private and public.


The sculptural interventions at Quay House form part of Hernandez’s Arrangement series, which is the focus of her art practice at the moment.  Her idea is that a work of art never stands alone, it is always an object with some sort of relationship to the place in which it exists. She works with a group of objects arranging them into a site-specific installation, which changes to suit the space it occupies – she likes to think of this as a kind of sculptural performance.


These sculptural arrangements are a juxtaposition of objects from Quay House and Hernandez’s sculptures. This improvised dialogue between mismatched objects and sculptural pieces expands the range of materials available to the artist, as she takes everyday objects out of their original context.


As part of her constant questioning of the language of sculpture, Hernandez has invited musician Vasili Moschas to create a musical experiment for the PV of Sculptural Arrangements.


Hernandez’s thoughts; ‘the sound is sculptural and physical without being visible According to these ideas Moschas’ sound intervention will frame the gallery space. Using the main elements of Moschas’ music - his voice and loops. This sound object will appear at regular intervals in the space also as a site specific sculpture.