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Katherina Radeva

“Looking Out”

10th May - 28th June 2009



Looking Out is a new work by Katherina Radeva created for M2 Gallery. The piece focuses on giving us the other side of the scene.

Conveyed through little mundane and beautiful objects Looking Out is an imaginary theatre scene which we gaze on from the perspective of a back stage worker. The scene is not set. The story which is framed by this set and lights has happened in the past and we know it will happen again. Tomorrow at 8pm!

Extracts from the story

Monologue Thirteen
If you can imagine a crocodile, I can imagine an alligator sleeping in that bed.

Monologue Two
I saw you standing in the corner holding two profiles. I walked to you and you dropped them. Why?

Monologue Three
I thought red LX tape is only for the passionate.
And clearly you are not one of those. Not- any more.

Monologue Four
I would say your wife would be mad, so would mine,
But let’s not worry about that now.

Monologue Five
When I was a little girl all I wanted to be, was to be free.

Monologue Six
See the office space- it’s made up. It’s not real. It only exists in my mind.
What is it like in your mind?

Monologue Seven
I hope the devil comes out from there. I hope he takes me UP.

Monologue Eight
I saw you standing in the corner fiddling with the lighting desk, making the lights go FLASHY- FLASHY!!

Monologue Nine
I saw you standing in the corner looking at me in that certain way.

Monologue Ten
I saw myself looking at myself looking at you, did you see me? I did it for you.

Monologue Eleven
Your glasses. Pass me your glasses, so I can see it.

Monologue Twelve
At this minute I am a woman, a minute ago you were a woman. Can you stop it; go back to being a man, please.

Monologue One
I know it’s late but we have to re set.
The eight boxes stage right have to be moved stage left, would you mind?

Looking Out is for all those that have never seen the other side of the scene and for those who see it every day. Looking Out challenges the viewer to imagine and define the objects from an unusual perspective.

Looking Out is a reverential piece for the art of small scale theatre and performance making.

Native Birds (previous performance)
Native Birds (previous performance)
Native Birds (previous performance)
Native Birds (previous performance)