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Ken Taylor

Veils & Repetitions

16th March - 6th May 2014

For his show in the m2 Gallery Ken Taylor presents photographs primarily taken over the last year or so at various locations in Europe. These divide themselves into two series Veils & Repetitions. They are presented on a painted backboard, close to the window of the gallery, the images pasted to the “wall” in a manner reminiscent of billboards. Indeed, the “archeological” layering and scale of billposters is echoed in the presentation. Each week two new images will be pasted on top of the previous ones for the seven weeks of the show. This repeating process will effectively veil the previous weeks photographs.

The photographs were not taken with the words Veils and Repetitions in mind; rather they are a record of where the eye has led the camera. With this journeying, roving, sensibility all the photographs have been taken “practically” rather than “technically”, with an ordinary digital pocket camera, on the automatic setting, in natural light. This seems to fit their “as found, at that moment” quality; seeing the ordinary as extra-ordinary.

Ken Taylor is 5 minutes younger than his twin sister and is an Architect who takes a lot of photographs. He is the co-curator and director of the m2 gallery with the artist Julia Manheim and is currently building two houses out of solid laminated timber panels, amongst other things.