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Stephen Williams


12th Feb - 22nd March 2009



It was, it is, it could be.

‘Stephen Williams work encompasses a variety of media, which draws on a range of different
traditions. His working methodology is one where the site of the exhibition becomes a place to
be negotiated. He then takes on a series of manoeuvrings using portable objects and/or
locally sourced materials in an attempt to give an interdisciplinary approach with which to
comprehend the work. This comprehension, however, reveals how signs can be interpreted in
many different ways. The viewer, through these various compilations of things and materials,
comes to the realisation that the unstable and leaky process of an artist’s work succeeds in
undermining any fixed authority of interpretation.’ 1

This piece of work considers the breaking free of boundaries set physically or mentally.
Despite the potential of escape, the ‘shadow’ still remains as evidence of the effect of the
‘Though I supposed that it was to do with my physical ambulatory restrictions I also think it
refers to how it affects or restricts my thinking as well.’ 2

‘Stephen Williams is an artist and teacher and sometimes forgets which is which. He finds
that they feed into each other so symbiotically that differences get blurred.
His work is in many public and private collections both in the UK and abroad and his last few
solo shows have been in Poland, USA and France which reflects his international profile and
his enjoyment of travel and getting small insights into other cultures. His next project this
year will be situated in Victoria, Canada.’ 3

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow
The Hollow Men 1925
T S Elliot

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